Freak Out Moments

{October 25, 2015}   Cosplay, Drama and outings.

So where have I been?

Yorkshire Comicon 8, yes that was a while ago but I wanted to mention how wonderful it was and how lovely everyone was that we met. It was a lovely day, seeing friends and people I have met before, along with new friends too. Yorkshire Comicon was significantly improved with the entry system and the way the capacity was handled. All-in-all, great day out!

Eurogamer, well that was so much fun! Casually Hardcore interviewed me and two friends, and we got stopped for pics. The amount you could do there was fantastic and I want to go again. Next time though I will cosplay for one day and then go a second day to play games. Kudos to Total War I now have Attila to play too!

Nottingham Comicon, well that was the Saturday and I had a lovely day. Myself and World Breaker Cosplay were there and it was a lovely time. We got to see cosplay, look at comics and I brought The Meek from Dark Pond Creations.

So what else? Well we also went out to the Robin Hood Pageant, which is the jousting event. It was so much fun! I was cheering for the bad guys, because the gentleman portraying Guy of Gisbourne just caught my eye as a great horseman. My partner also got me a short-sword and shield because it has the Jolly Roger logo on it. Such fun, and even better when your friends are involved and cheering with you.

Now I am going to quickly go into the cosplay drama that people seem to come across and quickly address how I cope with some of it.

  1. When drama kicks off and it’s between friends – DO NOT get involved! Don’t do it, because when all is said and done, if they make friends again YOU usually end up the bad guy. So let people argue, don’t step in, unless you think it’s about to cross a line no one can come back from and you think you are generally in a position to assist without harming your relations with them

  2. Negativity – Look we’re all going to do this, have a bad day, have a day where we know that everything sucks but don’t let someone who spends their entire online life bring you down too. I am sorry, but if all I see from you is drama, drama and he said – she said… I won’t bother to follow you or comment. Why? It’s not worth it. And this is completely true with groups, if xxx group is making you feel so bad you just want to rage about your feed – leave the group. Your friends will understand, if they don’t are they really friends?

  3. Taking all the generalizations to heart? “All cosplayers are drama queens” well thanks but no thanks. If they think that and are in that community the post itself is very much the exact thing they are. “All cosplayers who are fat shouldn’t wear….” Hello who died and made you king/queen of sweeping judgmental statements? No… people can abide by the rules of the convention and wear what fits within that. Personally I don’t do the nearly nekked thing. That’s just me, I am a big ole girl and it’s not what makes ME happy. I have blocked people in the past for asking why I won’t do it, like I am there for their entertainment. Want a nearly naked Misty? Google it mate.

  4. Stop comparing yourself to others – look it’s easy to do, I mean I look at some people with amazing things they can do and I want to cry about how much I suck… then I take stock. I am not a professional, I have a small sized desk to build 95% of what I can do and I am limited with my budget so what I do is save, trade, share and above all put it in context. If my job was to be a cosplayer I’d be there doing nothing but that. It’s not, so I am not going to compete or put myself down. With what I have, the time I have and the friends I have – well I have a good time regardless of the quality or it I brought it…

Simply put, you are who you are, don’t let people you have never met make you feel like you did something wrong. They are wrong for doing that to you.

So on we go with the YAY lets just all dress up and giggle…

Be good to yourselves and then to others. Be splendid 🙂

That Gears Girl.

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