Freak Out Moments

{July 28, 2012}   Weiss Kreuz Tie

This was used making up some scraps because I wouldn’t like them to go to waste.

I thought I would share it, very easy to make. Cut a length of white material and make the end flare out. Then lay over the red and sew a cross shape.

Simple but nice to make for any fans of the series.

{June 30, 2012}   Rin Okumura Cosplay

Okay so it has been like forever haha! Here goes, cosplay doesn’t have to be about spending a fortune.

One of the things I think I should explain is that I am on a pretty major diet at the moment. Part of the reason for this blog is to see how that looks as I loose weight. Since the Cosplay for Rangiku I have lost over a stone. This may not look it in the pictures but that’s meant a lot off my waist and thighs so yeah I am feeling a lot happier but a long way to go.

Rin Okumura is from Ao No Exorcist, I started watching it and reading the books because I thought they were kinda cute. Having spotted the main jacket on the internet (EZcosplay) I had that made up and determined to try and make the rest of it myself as a fun project.

So below are the results.

Two plushies I made, one is a Coal Tar which are little demons that are floating around. I made him from felt and he is stuffed with toy stuffing. All in all the cost of him (rather than the £20 on ebay) was 50 pence per coloured felt and the toy stuffing is a massive bag of the stuff I got in hobbycraft. Kuro the cat was made of felt and loose bits of material such as old buttons from my button jar. He was also stuffed with the same materials.  Both of them together would have cost 5 sheets of felt and the stuffing. So… for £2.50 felt and £5 bag of stuffing I got around the plushies cost of nearly £50. Granted they are not as amazing looking but they do the job right?

The sword case – I made this from a metre of red material that I got for £2.99 on our local market. I got the black material from Jessops (aka John Lewis) for  £3 and the strip of ribbon over the top was £2. Again this sells on Ebay from around £15 upwards. I have made this for £8 plus the cottons and time. It was made by sewing the length of red material, turning it around and then sewing the black and red strips on to make the carrying strips and decor. Yes I realise it’s not perfect but again part of the charm of Cosplay is to enjoy making things if you can I think.

Right so… the tail. I looked around on ebay and was dismayed at the cost of a bit of wire and fluff. It was again £15 to £20 and I wasn’t willing to spend it myself if I wasn’t using the costume daily haha! So wire from the local DIY merchants, some black tights over it and then some spare blue fluffy material from a mate mate the tail. Total – 79p for wire, free old black tights that were laddered and free fluff yay!

The total cost of the costume was thus:

£45 for jacket, white shirt, tie and black pants.

£7.50 Plushies

£8 for sword case

79p for tail.

£61.29 total, not bad eh?

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{May 30, 2012}   MCM London 2012

Hey all!

Well I had an absolutely amazing time. Last year I went but hadn’t really known what to expect so this year I had a plan to go out in costume and have a grand old time.

I picked Rangiku Matsomoto from Bleach because she’s a favourite of mine and as a larger girl I wanted to avoid making a mistake with the costume. I have others but she was the one I set my heart on. It was totally worth it as well…

We drove down early on the motorway but there was a nightmare traffic build up from an accident on the M25, by the time we got to the hotel we were definitely ready to get a shower and cool down. Four of us met up at the bar and we got something to eat and watched other people who were already in costume wandering around. We really got a great feeling for the type of wonderful people we were about to meet too!

After wandering around London and drinking until gone 3am when I woke up I expected a bit of a hangover but nope! So breakfast done the labouring (but fun) process of getting into costume began. I adore the wig by the way, I guess because my hair is naturally very dark unless I bleach it (irony) I haven’t got a lot of scope for colour. This was totally out of character for me but a good giggle none the less.

 It took sometime to wrestle into the costume but then with everything ready I met up with my friends and we headed off to the queue. The queuing part to me is actually one of the most fun parts too, hugs, costumes and cheers go up all over the place and you get to see people that you are also likely to spot throughout the day, though I also admit the pre-brought tickets seem like a good venture if you are not there for just one day.

For the price of £3 off a stand I ended up with the best thing ever, a fan! It was amazingly sunny and warm so moving around was causing sweat. We wandered around some stalls and took some pictures, had a look at the gaming stands and planned a day of shopping. All this time we were saying hello to people in costume and one of the best things is that no one judges you, that’s the whole point isn’t it? Having fun… well yes we did!

 I guess the highlight of my day in terms of the celebrity thing is meeting Elvira. She was there promoting her new film and if you brought it you could get a picture with her. Elvira is amazing! I don’t know if you remember the 1988 film but my gods, that woman looks sooooo good. She had a smile for everyone and I think anyone that had a chance to meet her would say the same.

I spent quite a bit of money, including buying a keyblade for cosplay. I might never go as Sora but I absolutely wanted one of these since I first picked up Kingdom Hearts. I do however have the coat so maybe it’s time to polish that one off… The whole day was busy, but so much fun.

 To everyone that I met and said hi to, or said hi to me if you got any photo’s of me or of your day to share please do link them in my comments. I had such a wonderful time and want to thank everyone that was there for the amazing community spirit.

Rea (Rangiku hehe)

{May 23, 2012}   Rangiku’s Robes

Rangiku's Robes

Here goes with more of the countdown to Friday’s MCM! The full outfit (minus the additional badges etc)

{May 20, 2012}   Cosplay – Rangiku’s Wig

Isn’t it just fab? I mean aside from my face being on the pictures that is haha

I wish my own hair was as long as this, it used to be but not any more. One thing I have learnt is that in Cosplay you have to put aside your own person worries and just have a jolly good time!

The wig wasn’t all that expensive really, it was around £20 so that’s pretty manageable. All I have done is left the hairpiece on a stand apart from trying it on.

I have had to buy a wig cap and some pins as it’s fairly heavy, also I think I will have to work out the best way of keeping my own hair up. I’m thinking it might be an old style French plat or something. They are tight to the head and they would mean less worry.

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{May 20, 2012}   one week to MCM

and here goes!  The first part of my blog is about the sword I have.  This is the sword that I had made for Rangiku Matsumoto the lieutenant of the 10th Division for Bleach (manga and anime)

I picked Rangiku because while I am planning a diet and working on many cool things the idea of loosing enough weight to get into some more er… skimpy things is on the back burner.

Rangiku is also one of my favourite female characters. I am going to put up more about it all but for now this is the post I fancied starting with.

I hope you like it as much as I do 🙂

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