Freak Out Moments

{July 28, 2012}   Weiss Kreuz Tie

This was used making up some scraps because I wouldn’t like them to go to waste.

I thought I would share it, very easy to make. Cut a length of white material and make the end flare out. Then lay over the red and sew a cross shape.

Simple but nice to make for any fans of the series.

{July 17, 2012}   Making Sora’s Halloween Top

Hey tis me already again?

The reference picture, isn’t he adorable!! So a few things to let you know, firstly I have NEVER made something like this from scratch but I can tell you now it’s been amazing fun to try. I decided that  in reality the basics were going to be a jacket then to add everything on.

Since this is for Cosplay and  not a Prada Fashion show mistakes should be okay right?Right I spotted a version around on the internet and it was like £130 or so. I figured since I am not a professional cosplayer (and there’s gotta be a way to do it cheaper) I would be SUPER brave and try  the following!

So I laid on the side and got a rough idea for the length and width, did a tape measure check too then tidied up the lines. After making a little adjustment it got cut out. I cut the two pieces and then instead of getting too far ahead, both were sewn like a tabard together. Then I added the arms after. You need to make the top of the arms longer than the under so they lay down your arms more equal.Materials – the black is 3.5 metres of fabric. Half a metre of white fabric, a strip of old grey, a grey vest top, toy stuffing and some old cabling wire. Oh and cotton, pins, blood and patience.

The hardest part here was the sewing! I fortunately have a nice sewing machine but I pinned and tacked my heart out here. The sleeves were hard as I hadn’t really got a clue but basically what I found was you can pin around and then look, take time to line it up. Use a white cotton to tack it cos then you can easily see what you did, and remove it if needed.

You will need to iron the seams once you have sewn them too. This is because you can get a good clear view of what you have done and you can see how the additions are going to lay as you set them. If you don’t and you make a mistake you could end up unpicking for some time!he sewing of the basic part could probably be used for other things too. Then I cut the centre to open it as a coat and turns the seams inside to keep a tidy line. I did double sew all the lines to keep them fairly robust too. Another piece of advise, if you don’t have a willing victim just keep trying it on yourself. If you are worried about stabbing yourself on pins just get some masking tape over them.

Once you have the basics of the jacket you need to add the collar. This was by far the trickiest part. I was really daunted by it, the way I did it was to measure the back as a straight piece. Then I made the parts for the ends separately and attacked them. Remember to get the fabric right side up for the way you want it.  After I had the collar in once piece I was able to shape it to the jacket. Pins and tacking materials are my best mate here!

Okay so far I have a jacket basic, some bloodied fingers and a headache from leaning over but then it’s a nicer bit. The white seams around the edge of the jacket were just strips sewn around, then the collar designs. I did have a little trouble sewing the little claws under the collar as they didn’t really seem to have a place they could sit persay…

I did the white panels on the front then and after that looked at the scary bit, the wings! For a start I wanted them to match the outfit and I wanted them to be quite solid. I don’t want them getting broken an hour into playing around in them. They were sketched on paper to get a size I liked, then cut and sewn. I then ‘ribbed’ the wings with cable wire and then toy stuffing was put in to give them some bulk.

I then attached the whole wing fixture to the jacket and manually (yes with ma own hands!!) sat to sew this down. The reason was I didn’t fancy risking catching the cable along the back with the machine and damaging it.

The cape was made by a half metre of the material, it was folded in two and then measured across the back. I tacked the cape and then having sewn it across the sides and bottom I turned it out, again iron the seams. Then I tacked it to the bottom under the wings. After that it was secured on. I noticed in the game  video’s that it did not seem to be fixed anywhere else so mine is able to move.

The under top was more to fill in the space, I figure you could just put a black top on but I wanted the little cross effect on the white. The black material was placed over an old vest top, then the grey panel stitched down it. After that I got some white strips and lay them on, pinned, tacked and then had them fixed via sewing machine.

After all that it was time to tidy up the loose threads, sew down any bits I spotted needed fixing and to try it on!

Total cost is about £36 with all the threads etc.

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{June 30, 2012}   Rin Okumura Cosplay

Okay so it has been like forever haha! Here goes, cosplay doesn’t have to be about spending a fortune.

One of the things I think I should explain is that I am on a pretty major diet at the moment. Part of the reason for this blog is to see how that looks as I loose weight. Since the Cosplay for Rangiku I have lost over a stone. This may not look it in the pictures but that’s meant a lot off my waist and thighs so yeah I am feeling a lot happier but a long way to go.

Rin Okumura is from Ao No Exorcist, I started watching it and reading the books because I thought they were kinda cute. Having spotted the main jacket on the internet (EZcosplay) I had that made up and determined to try and make the rest of it myself as a fun project.

So below are the results.

Two plushies I made, one is a Coal Tar which are little demons that are floating around. I made him from felt and he is stuffed with toy stuffing. All in all the cost of him (rather than the £20 on ebay) was 50 pence per coloured felt and the toy stuffing is a massive bag of the stuff I got in hobbycraft. Kuro the cat was made of felt and loose bits of material such as old buttons from my button jar. He was also stuffed with the same materials.  Both of them together would have cost 5 sheets of felt and the stuffing. So… for £2.50 felt and £5 bag of stuffing I got around the plushies cost of nearly £50. Granted they are not as amazing looking but they do the job right?

The sword case – I made this from a metre of red material that I got for £2.99 on our local market. I got the black material from Jessops (aka John Lewis) for  £3 and the strip of ribbon over the top was £2. Again this sells on Ebay from around £15 upwards. I have made this for £8 plus the cottons and time. It was made by sewing the length of red material, turning it around and then sewing the black and red strips on to make the carrying strips and decor. Yes I realise it’s not perfect but again part of the charm of Cosplay is to enjoy making things if you can I think.

Right so… the tail. I looked around on ebay and was dismayed at the cost of a bit of wire and fluff. It was again £15 to £20 and I wasn’t willing to spend it myself if I wasn’t using the costume daily haha! So wire from the local DIY merchants, some black tights over it and then some spare blue fluffy material from a mate mate the tail. Total – 79p for wire, free old black tights that were laddered and free fluff yay!

The total cost of the costume was thus:

£45 for jacket, white shirt, tie and black pants.

£7.50 Plushies

£8 for sword case

79p for tail.

£61.29 total, not bad eh?

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