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Hey tis me!

Part of the thing I tend to consider on my cosplay essential list is my trusty Nikon camera. I take it because I like to snap pictures for Cosplay Without Bias, our page on Facebook. We just hit 1000+ likes and whilst to some this may not seem a lot to me it’s wonderful. 1000 and more people who truly believe it’s okay to just do it for fun, to not let other people’s judgement bring you down and to celebrate creativity.

So what’s this got to do with the title of this entry? The Nikon camera… my trusty baby has even been to the USA and come back. It’s not the most amazing one, it’s definitely however attached to my side when I got out taking pictures at old places, cemeteries, and cosplay gatherings. So when it stopped working the last week or so I was understandably unhappy.

Me and my friend Kyle took the camera, dressed up for a meet, off we go and BLAM the camera decides nope… nope you can’t have that! If you turned it on and then pressed the button to take a picture it would just shut down. Change of batteries to Panasonic, no changes…

So off we go to the camera repair experts, you know the shop that’s meant to know all you need? Ha! BS I shall cry, and cry it loudly. I was told they no longer repair in store (so it’s not a repair store is it?) and to send it off to be looked at was £35 plus the repair. Then I said so… at this cost surely I get it back in a fair time? Up to six weeks? Colour me stupid but if you wanted one for your job that’s up to 6 weeks to repair? Oh and about £80 if it was something minor…

I went to the shop next door, £25 and the same issues as they send it off. I walked out annoyed, not only was I convinced this was all terribly over complicated I was quite sure unless I was Harry Dresden’s lost sister or I was somehow missing the point there must be a cheaper way to restore my technical sidekick…

Thirty minutes of digging around the manufacturers forums and a little Google searching and here is what I find… Nikon camera takes a lot of power so cheap batteries drain like much needed pee after waiting for a rest-stop 15 miles down the Interstate… what you actually need to do is check you have really good ones loaded all the time. Duracell purchased from the local store, camera is now fully functional again.

Lesson for me? Check the internet for sensible suggestions before being ripped off at the high street. Well played Google! Well played.



Picture Courtesy of Nerdfest 2013.



{April 10, 2012}   Trollolol

I have to admit I can’t understand the need for it from people. If the only thing of importance in my life was commenting on another person’s tiniest comments I’d have a brilliant life! Personally I think anyone that spends their day anonymously abusing the family of a tragic death or posting on someone’s blog who has suffered a terrible accident is a very sad and pathetic individual.

I was bullied horrifically as a child, one incident was where three 15 year old girls decided to “kick me in” outside my elderly nan’s flat. All because they wanted to look cool at school. Funny that, I came out with good grades, a stable relationship and a loving family. The wonders of facebook allow me to see that at least two of them are still unemployed even now, so who really was the “looser”?

Internet bullying is a crime, like the real thing, it’s not protecting meek people from a higher social chain it’s protecting the fact that human beings are in general so awful to one another we need laws to stop it. A child that commits suicide over bullying has (in my view) been murdered and the bastards responsible should be brought to justice for it.

Anonymous trolls on internet forums are the worst kind, they can’t even get the guts to do something to your face, presumably as they would get a rightful punch in it!

I was brought up to respect other people, I wasn’t encouraged to be rude and yet it seems that it’s becoming the normal thing to do. If someone makes a sensible comment or post that cannot be responded to you will find that thread is ignored. If of course someone posts an inane piece of drivel or the person doing the post is in the wrong place etc you can expect a flood of hundreds of comments, relating from “ya mom” to downright verbal abuse.

It’s quite sad if you look at it, we’re incapable as a species of being community minded. We’re all assholes. I aim not to be, I am sure I have my moments, but I know that when I put a comment to something I will try to ensure that it’s constructive. If I don’t like something I just move on, people who troll are doing so to get a rise and response. I let them leave their snide comments and move on, even if they reply to something else I was involved in.

I don’t feed the trolls and I don’t insult my own intelligence by rising to the bait, if I get caught out shame on me eh!

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