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{May 28, 2015}   MCM London May 2015


So after lots of driving, running around and preparing the weekend was finally upon us. I can’t say I went all that excited at first, I think mainly because I wasn’t overly confident about myself. The thing with any form of anxiety, even those not suffering it as a disorder, is that you don’t always know it’s creeping up and then it can hit you. So I think it hit and then the morning I got into the car and packed it all went, why? Well because I am happy to see my friends again!

Travel – Getting from Nottingham over to London could not have been easier! The day before I had done the usual traffic checks and was in fact prepared for a lengthy wait but we sailed through. Myself and travelling companion (dressed as Constantine) arrived in good time. The travel back was not bad either, unless you count the M1 here. It’s entirely annoying  to be stuck on a Motorway, something designed for speed, to be doing 40-50 for the best part of 60 miles in length per time. It’s even worse when on the good open road trucks have some overtaking war and then end up slowing everyone down. I know they have long drives and it’s not an easy job but it can get you a bit grumpy after 2 plus hours and you want to be home. Fortunately my travel companion has accepted that Diggy Diggy Hole and the Trololol song are par for the course.

Hotel – My friend stayed with me at Custom House, Ibis and it was okay as always, it was nice to catch up with someone I don’t see as regularly as I would like too. The only problem you face near that area is the DLR works… I like a lay in but 4.30am start was the option! Oh well at least the following night I slept like the dead. I am quite jealous of the room mate who slept through the noise! It’s not too unreasonable for cost but the concern for most of us now is that the hiked up prices are putting people out of the market not the actual event.

Friday – I got my wristband and the hotel room wasn’t ready so I went for a wander to see who was around. It was lovely and not too busy so I had a look around, spotted some friends and then headed back to change. I wore my Anya Stroud outfit, I’ll be honest the Gears stuff really seems more about the gun! And who can argue with it, the lancer is pretty epic. I saw friends, and we had a nice wander. It wasn’t too hot and the event halls were laid out well to get inside. It was a lovely end to the day to meet up with friends, chat and get a drink.

Saturday – Usually I dread stepping into the main halls due to how busy it is but this time it was lovely. The changes and the fact it was sold tickets only seemed to make it so much better. I didn’t feel crushed due to a ton of people squeezing in. The entry system on both sides worked well as it seemed more free-flowing. There was a lot of popular stuff to go around and loads to see! It was lovely to have a variety and it shows how much the convention has expanded in interests, you have comics, films, anime and so much more.

Sunday – After a night at the Fox (the pub of choice) we got up and met for the next day. Costumes on and off we went, it was busy but not crowded and the weather up until the last hour or so was wonderful. I even brought a couple of bits as we had time to look around the stalls and then sat in on the Capcom panel as they revealed a look at the new re-mastered HD version for Devil May Cry 4. It was a nice end to the three days of convention and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

The downsides – not that many but I will say the worst thing seems to be that the lack of courtesy from the public towards one another. It’s not like MCM are responsible for them but its infuriating when someone pushed into you especially when you have expensive props or even goods you have brought there. Some of the things people buy on stalls are going to be delicate and that guy/girl running after their friend like a marathon runner on the home stretch does not impress many people. In fact if I am honest it’s annoying… If I could ask one thing from people going, think of the people around you.

Cost – It’s getting silly for some things. I now bring my own water because most of the vendors (again not MCM’s fault) are charging £2 or more for a bottle of water. I can buy that for 57p or 6 for £1 in the supermarket. The problem then becomes is it worth you carrying it all day, yes! Food too, £10 for a Subway hastily shoved at you is not worth the money. At least there seems to be more options about that but I still end up packing extra into the car.

Overall the event for three days was so much fun! I don’t book photo-shoots as I am just not that bothered about it. I go for fun but I am always so happy when people stop me to say hello, the pictures are an added bonus but the main things I love to do are to take pictures of others and just generally see friends and make new ones.

So the overall haul of the weekend? Mostly World Of Warcraft based. Thanks to a lovely card stand I have two new vanity pets for my collection and I also have a glowing hearthstone key ring. I didn’t’ see anything to add to my Gears of War Collection, I suspect because I really have brought most of it. Good news being there’s a new re-master on the way and yours truly will be glad to spend the money I don’t have supporting my favourite game!

Hope that you all have a wonderful time on your travels!

That Gears Girl.



Or at least that should be my motto because honestly you read some stories and think, well yeah right, that shit happens to other people. So here’s the story (I will do a much better review on MCM London October once I get caught up around the home).

Friday and Saturday the only things I could say were the in regards to the “crack down” on weaponry this was a curious thing to me. If you are let in with a wrist band and already passed security three times I don’t see why it was necessary for them to THEN check it again, and again, and… and then decide to remove you? If something is banned it needs to be across the board not selectively based on the muppet guards who pick and changed their mind, probably based more on whether they liked the look of you as a person!

By Sunday I admit I was tired, VERY tired, but I was trying to stay in good spirits. Overall I think I did but I was not a happy bunny when I got some guy harassing me.

I was outside, minding my own business and looking around. I was dressed in a tactical vest and sporting a plastic AK47… so he comes over and says “Are there real bullets in that?”. I was like um.. no it’s illegal why would you ask that? And he says well what are you doing here? I said to him waiting for friends, please leave me alone.

So he stands there swaying in front of me, staring at me and I walked off. He then follows me and starts asking me why I won’t go with him, “you have great boobs under that” and similar comments. Totally freaking me out, I had to tell him to leave me alone numerous times and I have to thank NO ONE around me for the help I got as a distressed person. Seriously ignorant people all around me not one was willing to ask a girl why she was upset. So basically the idea is unless it happens to you don’t worry about it, the stupid cow over there got the weirdo not me hurrah! Shame on you people that were there and said nothing.

I have to thank the Security however who came out pretty quick, who also got the police involved because they moved him off site.  I don’t believe I was the only person that had trouble with him but I will probably be the one that speaks out about it.

And this is why from now on unless I have a companion who will give a toss I am not going to think about going to a convention again. I found it incredible that our friend on crutches was shoved around by the crowds, I found it disgusting that people in wheelchairs were being physically sat on.

So how about before moaning about the staff at these things people take a long hard look at their behaviour. There are some real dicks out there and just cos they are the con-goers they don’t get abused about their attitude.  I don’t think some people go in with a community spirit and they ruin it for the rest.

So that’s my bad story about it all, but I am going to post all the good bits soon! I also wanted to clear the story up in case someone starts raving I was being harassed by staff. I really wasn’t.


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