Freak Out Moments

{January 7, 2013}   Where have I been? and Nero

Oh wow well three weeks in the USA with friends,. roadtrips, dollar spending and wow the places I saw! I could write all year about that alone. I mean I have totally fallen in love with the USA but there were some things I had to get used to, slightly comedy some of them however. I forgot it’s not a “loo” it’s a restroom. I have no mathematics for the service charges… I love Samuel Adams Boston Lager. I have see the real Silent Hill aka Centralia and I have stood in Central Park… all of this and more but this is the cosplay thing I decided to try so here goes!

Project female Nero sword.

So basically my wonderful fiance got me the sword but I was unhappy that you could barely see the detail on the paint job.

As you can see the main hilt is just black but I think that the red and gold in the game are lovely and so I have had a play. I hope you like it!

{August 31, 2012}   72 Days

Yes I am a typically boring English person who rarely leaves the sanctuary of Old Blighty and this year marks the biggest adventure in my life yet! Well travel wise I think it is.

 Thanks to the wonders of the PPI payments (check google it’s a long old tale) yours truly will be travelling to America for three whole weeks. Okay so basically I will be leaving from Birmingham, Birmingham has been quite an eventful part of my life too really. One of my prior boyfriends (still someone I am glad to be touch with) went to University there and many a night was spent mildly or extremely drunk but not this time. This time I shall be packed up ready to leave England on a massive holiday and I don’t think any amount of alcohol is going to steel the nerves.

 So what have I learnt already? ESTA, no she’s not an aunty she is the right to travel pass for America. I first looked at it and it was daunting to fill in the application, then I came back and the site changed. Phew! It was so much easier than I expected and with just my passport number and correct details I was able to get through and pay the fee. You will need a credit card to do this, but that’s alright at least it’s done and they say I am allowed through the border.

 I’ve flown before but the longest flights I have taken are Northern Ireland and Germany, they haven’t taken more than an hour so this time I am nervous that I will be up in the air for a very long time. My schedule has changed quite a few times already and now I’ve got a ten hour wait in New Jersey but I am sure that I will be too tired to care by then.

 Why America? Firstly and most importantly it’s friends. Sincerely, I have friends that have always been there at the end of a PC or phone, they have listened to me through so much and I hope in turn I have been there for them too.  Aside from my direct family and friends here they have been there through so much that I want to meet them and hug them in person. It’s not the same saying hugs on a phone now is it? Nope!

 So the tickets are booked, the ESTA is ready. In 72 days I embark on a trail to another country and I am pretty damned excited I can tell you!


{March 20, 2012}   First Post

I’m going to blog my random thoughts here. Because this is the first year in so long that  feel ready to get out and express things I am happy to do.

 It’s been a few very weird years for me, I lost my mom thanks to cancer and I thought I was coping really well but I wasn’t. I already suffered depression but that was a massive black hole that sucked me in and I guess you could say I let it win, but I am now fighting back.

 I’m quite a cynical person, I don’t mean to be and I try to look forwards but I find that I am not one to tolerate stupidity easily (maybe that’s why I don’t tolerate myself haha!)

 This year though I have two big things I am looking forward to and here they are:

 I’m going to be going to Cosplay MCM in London and I am going as Rangiku Matsumoto from Bleach. She’s so awesome and I might be too big to pull off her costume well but I know it’s the one I wanted so I’ve got it all sat there waiting. If I get to be super brave I’ll be posting about that as the lead up comes.

 The other is a three week holiday in the USA and I am really looking forward to this. I will be seeing people I have never met before but have practically become sisters with, we get on so well and I love and adore them so much.

 So that’s where I am so far.


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