Freak Out Moments

{May 20, 2012}   Cosplay – Rangiku’s Wig

Isn’t it just fab? I mean aside from my face being on the pictures that is haha

I wish my own hair was as long as this, it used to be but not any more. One thing I have learnt is that in Cosplay you have to put aside your own person worries and just have a jolly good time!

The wig wasn’t all that expensive really, it was around £20 so that’s pretty manageable. All I have done is left the hairpiece on a stand apart from trying it on.

I have had to buy a wig cap and some pins as it’s fairly heavy, also I think I will have to work out the best way of keeping my own hair up. I’m thinking it might be an old style French plat or something. They are tight to the head and they would mean less worry.

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